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Patient Information

Information is an important part of the patient journey. It is central to the overall quality of each patient’s experience. By providing good quality information, we can help to ensure that patients have greater power, protection and choice in key aspects of their dental care.



First Visit with the dentist


Your first appointment is your opportunity to become familiar with our office, our staff and our dentists. We'd like you to meet your doctor and tell us about your concerns and goals for your dental care, so that we may discuss all of your options.


During your first visit, we listen to your needs and questions. We review your medical and dental history and perform a thorough dental examination, including intra-oral and extra-oral soft tissue, oral cancer screening, periodontal exam, digital x-rays and diagnostic casts (models) as needed.


Usually, your appointment for a regular dental cleaning can then be scheduled. If other, more urgent needs are identified, we will tailor a treatment plan to address each of these needs.



Infection Control


Every year, many lives are lost because of the spread of infections in hospitals. Health care workers can take steps to prevent the spread of infectious diseases. These steps are part of infection control. The basic principle of infection prevention and control is hygiene.


Proper hand washing is the most effective way to prevent the spread of infections in hospitals. If you are a patient, don't be afraid to remind friends, family and health care providers to wash their hands before getting close to you.


Home Instructions


Creating a beautiful, healthy smile is our ultimate goal for all our patients. You can help us achieve our goal by maintaining excellent personal oral hygiene with brushing twice a day and flossing daily. Use proper dental care aids to help control plaque and bacteria that will cause dental disease. Remember to maintain a balanced and healthy diet, limit snacking, including drinks high in sugar and acids and rinse your mouth water or a drink of water following snacks.


Key points to remember:


  • Clean well

-          Clean your teeth at least twice a day.

-          Brush your teeth gently and thoroughly with fluoride toothpaste and a soft toothbrush.


  • Eat well

-          Enjoy a wide variety of nutritious foods and healthy snacks.

-          Limit your intake of sweet foods, especially between meals.


  • Drink well

-          Drink plenty of water.

-          Avoid sweet or fizzy drinks. If consumed, have them with meals rather than between meals.


  • Stay well

-          Don’t wait for a problem - have regular oral health check-ups.

-          Ask your oral health professional how often you should have check-ups.

-          If you smoke, quit for good.

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