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One of the key, but often neglected parts of essential general health is dental care health. Family Dental Care hygiene is not just about a 'good clean teeth' but it is also about preventing any gum diseases as well as taking the necessary steps to treat those gum diseases. A diet plays major role in dental decays and also contributes to the healthy development of enamel has a significant role in erosion caused by acids. Brushing and flossing help to keep your teeth and gums healthy and strong however a balanced diet will help to boost your body’s immune system, leaving you less vulnerable to oral diseases.


How often and what you eat have been found to affect your dental health. Eating starchy food such as bread, biscuits and sweets cause the bacteria and produce acids, which attack your teeth for up to 20 minutes or more. Also foods that stick to your teeth or are slow to dissolve give the acids more time to work on destroying your tooth enamel. Sticky and starchy foods create less acid when eaten as part of a meal. Saliva production increases at mealtime, rinsing away food particles and neutralizing harmful acids. Carbonated and acidic drinks will dissolve your teeth and cause dental erosion if consumed routinely or excessively.


Therefore, in order to provide patients with comprehensive family dental care, every dentist in Melbourne or children dentist Melbourne has a critical role to play, not only in preventing gum disease but also in curbing its consequences to the overall well-being of patients.



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