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For a perfect oral hygiene to maintain, the job includes brushing teeth twice and flossing daily. Pieces of sticky food get stuck in the tooth, regular coffee or drinks may discolour your teeth, or a smoker finds his teeth rotten. Such cavities and craters harm the teeth and can hit the oral health really down. Family dentists in Melbourne have found that eating more of sticky chocolates and being not a regular brusher creates cavities in the child’s teeth which eventually fall after a long duration of slackness.

24 hours dentist in Melbourne have drawn following great benefits of brushing and flossing:-

Stronger and Brighter Teeth
Brushing is a great way to remove the stains and let the teeth shine white. Flossing on the other aspect removes the pieces got stuck in between the teeth. Grip brush firmly and manoeuvre it right across the teeth to keep it healthy, strong and bright.

Healthy Gums
Having a stronger teeth is only one sided until the gums it stand on is equally firm. Brushing and flossing avoid gums being red and swollen which makes it look fresh and healthier. Dentists in Elsternwick tell to hold brush mechanically while moving across the gums for the best results.

Fresh Breath and Great Smile
As known, brushing and flossing remove the debris and stains jammed to the teeth. When such pieces of food stay longer, it can leave a bad smell floating in your mouth. So, for a perfect set of teeth smiling with a fresh breath, brushing is the need.

Money Saving
This regular care of teeth is a phenomenon that would keep you away from the expensive dental operations to come under. You won’t have to deal with dentists and its costly bills regularly.

Hence, the regular brushing and flossing is the finest way to avoid the build-up of plague or blood gums. Avoiding this daily course will lead to falling prey of serious periodontal diseases. To resist these diseases visit Elsternwick-Family Dental at http://www.dentistinelsternwick.com.au/, or call at 0404695356, the emergency dentist in Melbourne for 24 hrs.

Today decaying of teeth, or discoloured tooth, or cracks which can’t be refilled have got the stronger solution of porcelain or ceramic dental crowns. But what is a dental crown?
A dental crown or cap is a fixed prosthetic device which is cemented over the tooth to restore the natural state. Dentist in Elwood and Caulfield South finds this extremely crucial at the stage when your teeth are no longer unsusceptible.  The emergency dental hospital in Melbourne witnesses numerous cases that require the teeth to be covered with such crowns and be checked further.

The main reasons to get dental crowns are:-

Tooth Fracture Or Decay
At the time when the teeth gets weak because of extensive damage and decay, and cannot recover by simple filling, dental crowns are a must. Crowns help the tooth to stay in place and look original.

Cosmetic Need
Teeth which are poorly shaped, discoloured or bad in appearance can get dental crowned. Dental crowns come in ceramic, or porcelain or their mix with metals which give a similar look like the other teeth.

At Root Canal Treatment
The time when dentists find the decay of teeth reaching the nerve of teeth, root canal becomes necessary. And to cap the root from injury, dental crowns are placed.

A Hold To The Bridge
Bridge or the implanted artificial teeth at the time of decay gets support by the dental crowns. Crown and bridges can last a lifetime if properly checked-up.

Dental Implants
Dental crowns also cover the dental implant that is the replacement root to hold your tooth strong. A combination of dental implant and crown is preferable by the Dentist in Elwood and Caulfield South for the missing tooth.

The dental crown is a special apparatus to your retired tooth and to maintain a fit oral health.
Elsternwick-Family Dental runs a clinic with expertise dentists in Elwood, Caulfield South and emergency dentists in Melbourne too. Visit at http://www.dentistinelsternwick.com.au/ or call at 0404695356 for emergency help.

We all know the benefits that we can derive from a smile. However, sometimes, we have to control our urge to smile just because we are suffering with teeth problems. Either there will be stains or a gap in our teeth or there will be misalignment of teeth. Such problems hamper our confidence. Since cosmetic dentistry has developed a lot, we can get back our confidence and smile whenever we feel like, or in necessity. Gone are the days when the thought of visiting a dentist would have us shudder.  Just one visit to an experienced dentist in Elsternwick will kill your fear and get back your confidence with a winning smile.

 Cosmetic dentistry has revolutionized dental care to an unimaginable extent. Today, it just not relieves us from dental problems, but also helps in improving dental aesthetics. Moreover, it is easily accessible and affordable. We can get rid of yellow teeth, chipped teeth, crooked teeth, gaps between teeth and gum recession at any dentist Elsternwick.

 Here are some common cosmetic dentistry procedures to get back your confidence:

 Porcelain Veneers

When taking a trip to a dental clinic, we always imagine a dentist waiting for us with a hammer, drilling machine, a plucker, or a pry bar. With the use of dental veneers, you can correct cracked, chipped, crooked, and out-of-shape teeth. These are used as a substitute for tooth enamel. Your  family dentist Melbourne can match them with the colour of your tooth to hide any dental imperfections. They are actually porcelain fillers, custom made for patients and joined to the outer part of the tooth with a special resin adhesive. The best thing about using porcelain veneers is that there is no need of grinding or drilling your tooth.

 Dental Crowns & Bridges

These are prosthetic devices that are cemented or implanted onto the existing teeth. However, unlike dentures, these devices cannot be removed. Only a dentist can remove them if the need arises. The crowns are used to cover or cap the damaged teeth. They are also used in shaping or aligning teeth.  The bridges can be used in case you are missing more than one tooth. They help in filling the empty spaces between teeth and preventing gum disease.

 Teeth Whitening

 Teeth whitening or bleaching helps in removing yellow stains from your teeth and make them white. The best thing about opting for this cosmetic dentistry procedure is its immediate effect as well as minimal follow-up, which is once in one or two years.


 If you have developed a cavity, your dentist Elsternwick will recommend you fillings. There are various types of materials used for this procedure. The advantage of opting this cosmetic dentistry is the option of matching the material with the colour of your tooth.

 If you haven't yet visited a dentist because of fear and lack of time, visit 24 hours dentist Melbourne and overcome pain and embarrassment. A call to (03) 9523 0788 will restore confidence in you and flaunt your smile.


Oral health is equally as important to maintain as the overall health. But this is rather unfamiliar to many that this oral wellness can be hit hard by your eating disorders. Dentist in Elwood and Caulfield South finds eating disorders are serious illness that influences person’s eating behaviour to bad. It is an emotional and physical disturbance that creates harmful consequences.

Certain eating disorders include:-

Anorexia Nervosa
Bulimia Nervosa
Binge-eating disorder
Purging Disorder
Night eating syndrome

The emergency dentist in Melbourne finds out following symptoms as sign of eating disorder:

Bad Breath
Mouth sores and dryness
Tooth enamel erosion
Sensitivity of teeth
Swollen Salivary Glands

It’s a disease of obsession with food, body weight and shape; habit of over-eating in short periods; or an emotion of anxiety and depression. This eating disorder releases stomach acid that erodes the enamel and also causes tenderness of the mouth.

Keeping this disorder’s consequences to check, the emergency dentist in Melbourne suggests avoiding brushing after immediate vomiting, a regular check-up to dental hospital, a good oral routine, a good food habit and to follow given advices by the dentists in Elwood, Caulfield South and other suburbs.

Dentist in Elsternwick, the reputed emergency dental hospital in the town, with its excellent dentists brings you its services at http://www.dentistinelsternwick.com.au/, or get your emergency appointment at 0404695356. 

A good oral health not only helps to feel good and confident, but also adds to one’s overall wellness. Oral hygiene includes brushing your teeth twice a day, changing your toothbrush every two months, and using a mouth cleaner regularly. Some common oral diseases that people face are tooth decay, tooth loss, and tooth pain. Your dentist Elsternwick can treat these and any other problems related to gums and teeth.

Why is good oral hygiene important? Because it reduces the risk of gum diseases like plaque and tooth erosion. Why you should visit a dentist every six months? Here are some important reasons cited by dentist Caulfield South .

Gum disease

We all know that gums hold the teeth. As such, maintaining their health is vital. Being the foundation for teeth, gums can easily suffer problems. Regular brushing helps in avoiding gum disease. However, one should not brush rigorously. If the tip of a toothbrush hits the gum, it easily develops a gap and provides a shelter for anything that we eat. If the food substance gets stuck in between the gum and tooth, it turns into a plaque and causes the gum and tooth to decay. Children, teens, adults, and those suffering from diabetes, and addicted to smoking are at high risk of catching gum disease. Regular check up with a dentist St. Kilda East can help avoid problems and achieve good health of gums.


Taking dental care at home is impossible


No matter how regularly we brush and floss our teeth and lead a healthy lifestyle, we cannot avoid getting caught by oral health problems. You cannot remove tartar completely by brushing and flossing. It can be removed only with special tools that are with dentists. They can also check the gap between gums and teeth and remove tartar without causing any pain to you.


Thorough examination of your gums and teeth


A professional dental care every six month is mandatory to keep a track of the changes that teeth and gum experience due to infection and bad habits like smoking, drinking, and chewing tobacco. A professional and certified dentist will look for signs of diseases like cancer and diabetes during dental examination. By avoiding a visit to the dentist, you may never come to know whether you are afflicted or not. This could lead to a serious problem over the time and you may have to rush to an emergency dental hospital Melbourne .


Know proper diet and nutrition for oral health


Most of the problems with gums and teeth are because of lack of knowledge on diet and nutrition. We never know what types of foods are good and the pattern of consuming them. We visit the dentist only in extreme pain. Know that oral disease due to infections and other problems may also aid in heart and lung diseases. There are many cases with dentists where they have related heart attack to oral disease. Therefore, a dental visit once in six months can help you avoid severe problems that can affect you mentally and physically. For your help, we have 24 hour dentist Melbourne .

Why wait for the need to visit a dentist


Gum and teeth diseases can easily be avoided with regular checkup. Dental examination will also help you know about your oral health and possibility of catching other diseases as well. When you can avoid problems with a regular visit, why to wait till you experience a pain. Dentist Elsternwick can help you diagnose vitamin deficiencies, and oral cancer as well. Moreover, you can also avoid the need to go for the expensive root canals.


If these reasons have charged you to see a dentist, call (03) 9523 0788 for an appointment.

The field of dentistry is ever-evolving. It experiences new technology dental procedures every little time. However, the ultimate goal is to suit best to patients and treat the smallest to most major dental issues accurately. We, Elsternwick Family Dental, provide our patients with a wide range of dental care services right from general dental check-ups to latest technology complicated dental procedures. Our dentist in Caulfield also provides best quality cosmetic dentistry treatments.


Cosmetic dentistry procedures are on the rise these days because people desperately want white, attractive teeth and smile. A range of cosmetic procedures are available to correct crooked, broken, gappy, missing, or yellowed teeth.


Here are the most common and top five cosmetic dentistry procedures:

  • Teeth whitening
  • Dental bridges
  • Porcelain veneers
  • Dental contouring or reshaping
  • Invisalign i.e accelerated orthodontics


Yes, if proper oral hygiene norms are not followed, you child can certainly get gum disease. Many people misunderstood that only adults are prone to have gum disease but it's a fact that even kids and adolescents are prone to it. When you observe red, puffy, tender, receding gums that often bleed while brushing and flossing, plus bad breath even after brushing twice a day, these are all symptoms of gingivitis or periodontal disease, popularly known as gum disease.


Elsternwick family dentist is a popular choice for best dental health care services. We are a qualified, professional, and reliable family and children's dentist Melbourne wide. As soon as you notice any signs of gum disease in your kid, fix the dental appointment with us and we would be happy to provide a perfect solution.


Here are a few major factors that put children at the risk of getting gum disease:

  •  Poor oral hygiene care
  •  Genetic factors
  •  Hormonal changes in adolescents


Brushing twice a day for at least two minutes and flossing are the keys to heal kids' gums to healthy ones and get rid of bleeding. Thus, we recommend brushing with a good quality toothbrush and then flossing regularly.


If you child has got braces or similar orthodontic treatment recently, then we recommend to use an electric toothbrush and floss threaders or super flossers for flossing. If followed properly, this can heal their gums soon and make them healthy.

Dental health of children is often a big issue for their parents. Tooth decay and cavities are the most common problems that many children deal with. However, advances in pediatric dentistry have led to a lot of breakthroughs and a number of dental procedures especially for children. If you are worried about your child's oral health and want to keep the kid away from teeth cavities, here are a few quick simple tips for you to follow on regular basis.

  • Tell your child to floss back teeth regularly where the toothbrush never reaches

  • Replace your child's toothbrush after every three months for best results

  • Don't let your child eat or drink anything one hour before bedtime

  • Tell the child to brush and floss teeth in morning as well as before they go to bed

  • Instead of lollies and usual chewing gums, get your child some sugar-free gums to chew. They tend to prevent tooth decay and also repair areas of early decay

  • Reduce snacking of your child between two meals; reduce having juices, sweets, dried fruits; anything that contains sugars

  • Emphasise on dairy products, for they are beneficial for your child's teeth

  • Use children special toothpaste or a fluoride containing one as per the dentist's opinion. Fluorides strengthen your child's teeth

  • Plan a compulsory dental visit every six months for your child and never skip it for any reason

A beautiful smile is one’s natural asset that creates a pleasant first impression in front of others; but even if you don’t think that you have such as beautiful smile due to some dental issue, don’t worry! Cosmetic dentistry technology is nothing but a boon for you. You can acquire and flaunt a beautiful healthy smile through cosmetic dental procedures.

Many people think that such dental services are too costly and are meant only for celebrity personalities who always have to look their best. Well, this is not the fact. There are different dental problems with all different solutions to them. What service should you opt for depends on what problem you are facing. Cosmetic dentistry is for everyone who has an urge to wear a perfect smile.

Are you aware of the most commonly preferred cosmetic dental services by people?

Teeth Whitening or Bleaching

Removal of stains and discoloration on teeth finally lead to perfectly white teeth. The results are instant and long lasting.

White Fillings or Composite

Metallic fillings within teeth are easily noticeable even at a smile but these white fillings are specially designed to blend with your teeth colour. This is the best option to repair the holes or other damages caused by teeth cavities.


This might be the perfect solution, if you have heavy dental stains. Veneers are made up of porcelain and they make your teeth whiter and shinier.

Dental Bridges

Bridges are nothing but the fixed partial dentures. Unlike removable dentures, these bridges give you a comfortable and aesthetic feel.

Dental Bonding

If your teeth are not so perfectly looking, try dental bonding. A clay-like material is applied in crooked or broken teeth.

Dental Implant

Though costlier, dental implants deliver great results. This is an excellent alternative to artificial dentures. Teeth are implanted right into your bones and thus, look and feel more natural.

At dentist Elsternwick, we offer all these services along with some more extensive procedures.

Dental care is nothing but maintenance of healthy teeth and oral hygiene is the practice of keeping mouth and teeth clean in order to prevent dental caries or cavities, gum and other dental disorders.

Dentist in Elsternwick offers all dental care and oral health services along with other dental treatments all over Elsternwick.

A fresh, healthy, and attractive smile adds-up to your personality and appeals to everyone. If you wish to have such a smile and good dental wellbeing throughout your life, it’s time to visit the best dentist.


Come to us and get a beautiful healthy smile you will be proud of!

Dentist in Elsternwick is known as a good dentist in Melbourne for its exceptionally good dental care services. We take pride in having professional and friendly dental care experts providing the highest quality family dental care service most comfortably.

  • Are you having swollen gums?
  • Did you find bleeding in gums while brushing your teeth today?
  • Are you dealing with a serious dental issue?
  • Do you think that you are not keeping good oral health?
  • Do you wish to correct all those problems with your teeth, and wear a beautiful, fresh, and healthy smile?

If the answer is 'yes' to any of these questions, you must visit Dentist in Elsternwick at the earliest! We are here to take care of your oral health and treat every dental issue.

Are you facing a dental crisis that needs emergency attention? No need to worry, as we have our team of 24 hour dental care experts to provide you with the best emergency dental care services.

We are also known as an affordable dentist Melbourne devoted exclusively to the dental care for children, infants, adolescents, and special needs patients.


So, find the nearest dentist in Elsternwick in your suburb to receive the top quality dental services and maintain good oral wellbeing for the life!

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