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Children Dental
Dental Care for Children

As your child grows, maintaining good oral health is essential to their physical development. Kids should see their first dentist by the age of 1, when the teeth first begin to appear, to promote healthy teeth and gums, and to monitor chewing, digestion, and speech development. As kids grow older, regular visits to the children dentist Melbourne will encourage an awareness of proper dental hygiene, the link between diet and cavities, and injury prevention. Nothing is more precious to you than your child’s smile; it is important to give it the right start.


The goal of our children dentists Melbourne and office staff is to make your kid’s experience as positive as possible to ensure that every child we treat grows up with a healthy smile and the education they need to maintain good oral health and prevent diseases.



Follow these tips for a proper dental care for children:


  • The child's teeth and gums should be brushed at least twice each day and especially before bed. Electric tooth brushes clean teeth better than manual ones.
  • Take your child to a children dentist Melbourne every 6 months. Let the children dentist Melbourne knows if your child thumb sucks or breathes through the mouth.
  • Teach your child how to play safe and what to do if a tooth is broken or knocked out.
  • When your child gets permanent teeth, he or she should begin flossing each evening before bed.    
  • When the child reaches the teens, braces or extractions may be needed to prevent long-term problems.

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